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Bulk DNS Hosting

Bulk DNS hosting users with 20 or more domains can save big!

If you have 20 or more domains, save with our pre-paid bulk DNS hosting program. Our prepaid service starts by offering you our lowest discounted retail price for DNS hosting, $7.95, without the need for transferring your domain name registration to!

Then the savings really start to add up; the more domain “credits” you pre-purchase at a time, the better the discounts get! Here’s the pricing structure for our wholesale DNS hosting program:

Number of DNS hosting Credits
Purchased at one time

Discount %

Cost Per Credit

















Do you have lots of duplicate data to replicate? We can help!

Bulk users have lots of duplicate data and we understand this. Let us help you datafill your records on to our servers with custom datafill scripts. All you need to do is create the domains you need in your user account and then send us the data! We’ll take care of the rest. Contact us for more information about our datafill service.

For more information on our wholesale DNS hosting service, contact us or

* Minimum pre-purchase commitment, 20 DNS hosting credits.
**$7.95 is our discounted retail price for domains that ARE registered with . Pre-purchased domains do NOT have to be registered with, therefore a perceived discount can be calculated between our full retail dns hosting price of $20.00 and $7.95 or over 60% off just for pre-purchasing!
Discounts apply to the number of credits you are purchasing at a time. If you buy 300 credits, you get a 20% discount. If you buy an additional 175 credits, you get a 10% discount, etc.
1 credit = 1 year DNS hosting for 1 domain

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